Festival Season 2017

alt Isle of Wight festival 2017 Run DMC owning the main stage! @OfficialRunDMC

Its the beginning of July and summer has finally hit us in the UK. Ok we've had a few dodgy days, but on the whole its been amazing! London has been sizzling under these balmy conditions. Even Scotland has started to emerge from its ice-age, and hit 25 degrees plus! If it gets any hotter I expect the whole of Tyne and Wear to declare itself as UK's largest official nudist colony, and the fake tan industry in Essex will probably go bust and move to Washington.


The sun has chosen the perfect time to put its hat on, as we're about to reach peak festival season in the UK and all over Europe. Yeah its that time of year when us city dwellers descend upon the British countryside, yomping around in designer wellies with our Argos tents, flowers braided into our hair, and wearing more face paint than the Joker from batman! Whilst the posh peops go to their festival in SW19 and drink strawberries and champagne, the rest of the country head to the rural fields of Englandshire to drink relentless and chow down on mushrooms. Yeah thats how we roll UK side bro!

alt Elle Exxe chillin with the unsigned music awards team after her interview @umamusic @The_UMA's

A couple of weeks ago I was in the Isle of Wight having it large at my first proper festival. I've been to a few in the past. I went crazy with my mates when Roni Size smashed it at The Essential festival on Hackney Marshes in 2001, got totally drenched watching Snoop Dogg at Love Box in East London, and I was even lucky enough to see Prince tear it up at his first and only festival performance in the UK in Kent at Hop Farm.

alt Prince at Hop Farm festival 2011

The thing is you can't consider yourself a proper festival goer until you spend the night at one. Ok full disclosure, I didn't sleep in a tent, and I only used a nasty festival porta-loo once in the Isle of Wight. The second time I tried to use one, I was told that the disabled toilet had overflowed and filled the cabin. I like an authentic experience, but even for me that was too real! So instead I had to make do with staying in a newly built, accessible, and beautiful bungalow, at the Island riding centre about a mile away from the festival. Massive thanks to Louise and Paul Buckner for allowing us to stay at the centre, and also to Jan Brooks of Isle access. Now before you start to hate me we did have to push to and from the festival a couple of times because it was so busy, we couldn't get cabs.

alt It was really cool to be asked to cut the ribbon at the opening of the Island Riding centre http://www.islandriding.com @island_riding image taken by Mike Swift

What about the festival you ask? It was awesome. Run DMC got the crowd lit on Friday night with some classic hip hop tunes. I swear I saw a dude with a Zimmer frame and a kangol hat up rockin to "Beats to the Ryhme" (hopefully there were no PIP assessors in the crowd observing). David Guetta must be related to Guy Fawkes, he finished off the night with a DJ set that I can only describe as shock and awe! Even if your not a fan of his mind bending bass pumping set, its hard not to be impressed by his attempt to burn down the festival with his unrelenting fire work display and hot tunage.

alt @Elle Exxe doing her thing in the big top tent @IsleOfWightFest 2017

Festivals are also a great place to see new music and enjoy the talents of up and coming artists. Elle Exxe was one of those, she's a fascinating performer. Off stage, charming and chilled, on stage she's a wild thing with a powerful voice and an incredible band. Her music is an engaging style of dirty pop fused with a dash of rock and a few expletives to keep it real! In an industry where young women are often shaped into stereotypical images by its male dominated hierarchy, it's refreshing to see a young female artist bossing it and not afraid to be different.